We request you wear a mask. We should have them available as you enter.

Arizona Conference Corporation Limited-in-Person Worship Service Requirements and Guidelines for Opening Church Services
1. Safety should be the number one priority as we consider opening up our churches.
 2. Follow state and county health orders limiting the size of gatherings, establishing social distancing requirements, and mandating the use of face coverings.  
3. Prepare a specific disinfection protocol for facilities, including plans for cleaning between services if multiple services are held on the same day. Facilities should be disinfected before every service. Increase disinfection of high-traffic areas and surfaces.
4. Provide hand sanitizer for members coming into and leaving the facilities for services. Have extra cloth masks on hand for those who come without facial coverings (Conference Administration strongly recommends that everyone should wear face coverings at least until mid-June).
5. Forgo communion service and foot washing at this time.
6. Close food services areas and temporarily disconnect water fountains. There should be no potlucks or shared meal at this time.
7. No paper bulletins or handouts.
8. Ask members to refrain from physical contact, such as hugging and shaking hands.
9. If someone exhibiting flu-like or other concerning symptoms is in attendance, kindly request that they participate in an alternate service without in-person contact.
10. Remind members to stay home if they are not feeling well.
11. People that have been exposed to areas with potential COVID-19 should stay home and quarantine themselves.
12. Our children's programs are put on hold.